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About Novey

Kristen Novey, PA, is an experienced physician assistant serving patients at Sound Integrated Medical Center in Federal Way, Washington.

Kristen grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, and spent the majority of her young adulthood moving further and further west, finally landing in Seattle in 2014. After over a decade in medicine as an inpatient speech-language pathologist, Kristen made the career change to become a physician assistant in order to focus more on preventive medicine and optimal wellness. 

Kristen joins the team at Sound Integrated Medical Center with special training in Type 2 diabetes management, and approaches blood sugar control through small daily changes in diet and activity level, in combination with the use of the newer diabetes medications, when needed. She also has a special interest in weight management, pre-diabetes, thyroid conditions, testosterone replacement, gut/gastrointestinal health, and food sensitivities and allergies. 

With the belief that patients know their body best, Kristen strives to provide medical care that aligns patient preferences and goals with the best of traditional medicine, along with more natural approaches when desired. 

In her spare time, Kristen enjoys being with friends and family hiking in the mountains or out on the water, traveling, creating quick and healthy meals, and serving as vocalist, keyboardist, and bassist during family band nights.


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